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Monday, October 18, 2004

Superman, Themes by John Williams, Adapted by John Ottman

Now it's an official new from director Bryan Singer, the one that will be the director from the man of steel new movie. After his official confirmation that John Ottman was hired to compose the score for the new movie, in a recent interview the director said that Ottman will use some themes from the original first movie directed by Richard Donner, that composed by John Williams. These themes seems to be the main theme, the love theme and Lex Luthor's theme, that will be reused and adapted by Singer's friend, the composer and film editor John Ottman.

"Much of the resonance in the first "Superman" film stemmed from the subtle elements of its design. Like a fan of the Donner film, I recognize that certain aspects must be preserved in this newest addition. I plan to extract parts of the original score composed by John Williams, and the costume will need no major revamping" said Bryan Singer in a recent interview for Washington Square News.

Meanwhile, when we'll wait the official announcement, seems to be an actor for the main role.

Like Richard Donner did 26 years ago, trusting the main role in an unknown actor (the recently sadly deceased Christopher Reeve), Singer has do it the same, trusting in Brandon James Routh, a completely unknown 25th years old actor. Routh had some bit parts in television roles on "One Life to Live", "Gilmore Girls", "Will & Grace", and "Cold Case" and recently wrapped his first film role in an indie titled "Deadly".

Here is the photo of this new Hollywood promise...

Stay tuned for more news about one of the next year most awaited films...