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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Carter Burwell gets fired from Serenity

The score that composer Carter Burwell had written for Josh Weddon's film, Serenity, based on the Firfly series, which embodies comedy, western and sci-fi themes, has been rejected just a few weeks before being recorded.

Burwell explains in his own web site that this was both a shock and a surprise for him, because everything was working out pretty well. According to the film musician, ?what made the job difficult was that the score needed to reflect whatever was happening on screen moment by moment, and there were a hundred minutes of those moments?. Burwell complained about a traditional role for film music, in which you must hear what you see; ?but it's the opposite of my usual approach, which is to find something for music to say which is not otherwise there?. Even admitting he has often worked in the traditional mode, Burwell claims ?I do not find it challenging?.

Not confirmed rumors are placing John Debney or David Newman as new authors for Serenity's soundtrack. However, it must be remembered at this point that Christophe Beck has worked before with Josh Weddon in Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel.

Beck, in fact, would then replace a fired composer for the second time this year. He precisely substituted David Newman in a prequel of The Pink Panther.

Also in his web page, Burwell informs that he will now concentrate on a concert project called Theater of the New Ear, without more film request in his present agenda.