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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Four records will tribute The Chronicles Of Narnia

Disney and EMI records have merged in a big commercial attempt to achieve something never achieved before in film music history. Want the music of C.S. Lewis book The Chronicles Of Narnia, taken now to the screen? Not one, not two, not three, but four different records will be sold as soundtracks for this new film. One for the lion-two for the wich-three to get ready-and rich, rich, rich...

The first edition (to be released in September) will be a song collection of ?Christian artists? to tribute Lewis' work. The songs will not be necessarily featured in the film, but inspired by it.

Pop and rock artists will issue another record in October, with the same leit motiv.

In December we will be able to listen to the real score of the film, written by Harry Gregson-Williams (he's supposed to write a song as well).

Finally, a musical version for children will end the cicle and will put a fourth CD in the stores.

EMI Music will produce the first two albums, while Walt Disney Records will take credit on the latest two. The promoters of such unusual project wish to make everyone happy with the music, whatever the age or the religious belief.

The best thing we can expect from all together, nevertheless, is an inspired work by Gregson-Williams on writing the score.