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Thursday, November 09, 2006


After a long fight against the adversity, Basil Poledouris passed away last November, 8th. Rest in peace.

Here in we miss him enormously, as it is, absolutely, our saddest moment since this website was born. Together with his skills as a legendary composer, there is his enormous category as a person. All who attended the past International Film Music Conference "Ciudad de Úbeda" could witness this in one way or another. Basil was special. He had a gift, that of his tremendous music, but he also had other which left an indelible track wherever he went.

Now, in these hard times, our only relief is to think that maybe we could further contribute to making him a little bit more happy in his final days. But it is nothing compared to the numberless moments of happiness he and his music gave and still are giving us.

Rest in peace.

Updated: Official communicate from his dearest fellows:

On a given day, blood is thicker than water;
on another occasion blood must be denied in order for
the Water of Life to flow and clear the way for the next adventure.

from The Water of Life by Michael Meade

Our dearest friend Basil passed away today, November 8th, 2006 in Los
Angeles, CA.
Basil fought really hard for the last 6 months with his illness and now
he has decided to go on some adventures in the other world.

With deepest gratitude and love.

With Honor,