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Friday, October 22, 2004

Former Pulp leader involved in the next Harry Potter's soundtrack

As published by British tabloid The Sun, Jarvis Cocker will be responsible for writing the score in next Harry Potter's film. This news shocked many film music enthusiasts who knew that composer Patrick Doyle was about to do so. The Sun highlighted that former Pulp leader would sign a big contract with film producers. However, it has been confirmed that Cocker won't work on the score, but will write some songs together with Franz Ferdinand instead. The song will feature in a scene in which young magicians are cheering their favourite band, The Weird Sisters, in a party held at Hogwarts.

Director Mike Newell said that this would be a good idea to raise teenager's attention on the film itself and the resulting soundtrack. It seems that young actors involved in the making of such film made the critical decision and chose Cocker and Franz Ferdinand for the right purpose.
Meanwhile, Doyle will continue on preparing the music of next Harry Potter's adventures on the screen.