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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

"Fable", awarded by AIAS as best videogame score

The Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences (AIAS) presented last week in Las Vegas the 8th edition of awards to the best videogames of 2004. The two most awarded games were ?Half-Life 2? (PC) and ?Halo 2? (XBox). ?Half-Life 2? received an award as best game of the year, while ?Halo 2? rendered others, such as best video-console game, best online game, best action game narrated in first person and best sound performance.

Musicians Russell Shaw and Danny Elfman were awarded for the best viodeogame score with ?Fable?, an XBox role game. Elfman wrote, in fact, the main theme. He also gave a music pattern to be developed during the game by Shaw, music and sound lab chief in Lionhead Studios, the company which produced ?Fable?. Next week (February 15), a CD with this game?s music will be marketed in the U.S. by Something Else, and will be also in online shops such as Amazon.

"GTA: San Andreas" was also awarded as best non-original soundtrack for its magnificent collection of music themes included in the game.