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Thursday, November 30, 2006

R.I.P. Shirley Walker (1945-2006)

Sad news from the Film Score Monthly discussion board : Shirley Walker passed away last night due to a brain aneurism from which she could not recover.

Usual orchestrator for composers as Danny Elfman (Batman and Batman Returns scores), she also composed by herself such remarkable scores as "Batman: Mask of the Phantom", "Memoirs of an Invisible Man", "Final Destination" and "Willard". And do not forget her contributions in TV series as "Batman: The Animated Series", "The Flash" and "Space: Above and Beyond".

Shirley Walker passed away on this fateful November, after Basil Poledouris's decease at the beginning of the month. This way, it seems that year 2006 could be another "annus horribilis" for film music, after the disastrous 2004.

Rest in peace, Shirley. At least, we have your rich legacy to remember you.