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Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Joel McNeely to score Mulan II

Disney will set in a few days the presentation of a new film in video and DVD format: Mulan II. This will continue the adventures of Mulan that took place in the 1998 film, with a musical score composed by the late Jerry Goldsmith.

Mulan's new adventures will be simultaneously presented in several countries. In the new epic, Mulan and Shang will get involved in a confrontation against the Mongols, just when they were both ready for their marriage ceremony.

The music for this animated movie has been composed by a fond Disney musician, Joel McNeely, also responsible for scoring Peter Pan 2 (Return to Neverland) or The Book of the Jungle 2. McNeelys music for Mulan II will include new songs written by Scott Erickson and additional music by Jeanine Tesori .

Next project for McNeely will be Disney's Pooh's Heffalump Movie.