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Friday, October 22, 2004

Sissel will feature in the expanded edition of ROTK

Some of the concerts about Howard Shore's symphonic suite of The Lord Of The Ring's trilogy have been performed with Norwegian singer Sissel on the vocals. She was asked by the Canadian composer to put her voice on two themes: Gollum's Song and Into The West in some concerts, like some weeks ago in London. It is not known yet if Sissel will be next month with Shore in Seville (currently on tour).

Nevertheless, she has already recorded one song to be included in the expanded edition of The Return Of The King (ROTK). Sissel herself doesn't figure out in what scene will this be added, but she reported it is sung in Elvish.

Sissel is also the singer who opens recent Mychael Danna's score Vanity Fair.

On the other hand, Doug Adams (Film Score Monthly) is working now on a book tittled The Music of The Lord Of The Rings. He has met with Howard Shore on several occasions. The book will be published together with an integrale of the score written by Shore (9 CDs) on the year 2005. Adams has identified up to 75 musical motives in Shore's trilogy, and they are revisited in his book's longest chapter.