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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Patrick Doyle will revisit Dr. Jekyll

This is going to be a very intense year for Patrick Doyle. One more film request has been already listed in the busy agenda of this Scotish composer: Jekyll + Hyde, a new horror film based on Robert Louis Stevenson's novel, taken to the screen by novel director Nick Stillwell, in what will be his first movie. Bryan Fisher and Bree Turner will feature in the acting crew.

Last week Man to Man came to be presented in the Berlin Film Festival. This is Doyle's first contribution of the year, with a score requested for the film by French director and composer's friend Régis Wargnier, starring Joseph Fiennes and Kristin Scott Thomas.

Before the next Harry Potter will come to theaters in November, two more films scored by Patrick Doyle are already in the pipeline: Nanny McPhee, starring Emma Thompson, and Wah-Wah, a drama directed by Richard E. Grant with an efficient team of actors and actresses, featuring Gabriel Byrne, Emily Watson, Miranda Richardson and Julie Walters.