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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

V for Dario Marianelli

V for VendettaAfter the rumors of Don Davis, Craig Armstrong or David Arnold hiring to this project, finally "V for Vendetta" score will be composed by the italian composer Dario Marianelli. Soon, we can hear the talent of this new composer in "Brothers Grimm", the most awaited new film from Terry Gilliam (ex-Monty Phyton) starring by Heath Ledger and Matt Damon, or in "Pride and Prejudice" the new film starring by Keira Knightley based on Jane Austen's famous novel.

Dario MarianelliDario Marianelli was born in Pisa, Italy. He was studied piano and composition in Florence and London, and have won a large number of awards for his works for BBC and the BBC Symphony Orchestra. His work for "Brothers Grimm" has been the reason for hire to this cinema music young talent this important project. This new has been confirmed by Silver Pictures itself, the producers of the film.

V for Vendetta"V for Vendetta", will be directed by James McTeigue, director assistant in The Matrix Trilogy, in his very first movie. The film will be starred by Hugo Weaving (Agent Smith) and Natalie Portman, and is based on the famous graphic novel written by Alan Moore (writer of the graphic novel of "The League of the Extraordinary Gentlemen"). This project is produced by the Wachowski Brothers and Joel Silver, and the screenplay will be write by the Wachowski themselves and Alan Moore.

Soon we can hear the quality of this young new talent in film composition, the italian Dario Marianelli.

(Source: ScoreMagacine)