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Thursday, March 22, 2007

German film music magazine "Cinema Musica" awards Score of the Year 2006

In the beginning of 2007 a jury composed of eight members from the "Cinema Musica" editorial staff (Mike Beilfuss, David Serong, Stefan Schlegel, Jürgen Himmelmann, Bernd Klotzke, Erwin Maidl, Philippe Blumenthal and Andreas Süess) came together to award the Score of the Year 2006.
In addition to the principal jury, five guest jury members were invited to join the decision on the Score of the Year 2006. Amongst them German film composer and winner of the German television award Dieter Schleip, Sound Designer of the Foreign Language Oscar 2007 winning production The Life of Others Christoph von Schönburg, the initiator of Germany's most successful bulletin board about film music in the internet, Marcus Ströhr, Swiss film music expert Basil Böhni as well as film journalist S. Ilona Rieke (e.g. Ray, Cinema Musica).
Each member of the jury had to propose five nominees for the Score of the Year 2006 and rate them with points. (7 points for the best, 5, 3, 2, 1 for the worst). The score with the most points became Score of the Year 2006.
The nominees were: J. Ottman (Superman Returns), Klimek/Heil/Tykwer (Das Parfum), Ph. Glass (Notes on a Scandal), P. Doyle (Eragon), C. Petit (Aurore), Y. Ueno (Hiisaki Yusha-Tachi: Gamera), C. Mansell (The Fountain), J. N. Howard (Lady in the Water), T. Iwashiro (Nippon Chinbotsu), A. Desplat (The Queen), L. Llach (Salvador Puig Antich), J. Navarrete (Pan's Labyrinth), K. Badelt (The Promise), A. Illarramendi (Los Borgia), T. Terashima (Tales from the Earthsea), P. Donaggio (Antonio Guerro di Pio), F. Talgorn (Les Aiguilles Rouges) as well as R. Koroku (Komyo Ga Tsuji).
The final results were:
5th place: The Promise by Klaus Badelt
4th place: Pan's Labyrinth by Javier Navarrete
3rd place: Les Aiguilles Rouges by Frédéric Talgorn
2nd place: The Fountain by Clint Mansell
...and the winner of the Score of the Year 2006 is:
Philip Glass with his musical interpretation to the film Notes on a Scandal.
The Cinema Musica editorial staff congratulates all winners and is looking forward to a thrilling film music year 2007.
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