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Saturday, October 30, 2004

New Albums in November

Vangelis score for Alexander is among the most expected CDs to appear during this month. It will be edited by Sony Classical, starting in shops on November the 9th. However, it will not be the only release in the coming weeks. In fact, soundtrack record lovers will find this a very busy month:

The Incredibles, by Michael Giacchino (Walt Disney Records, Nov. 2)
The Polar Express, by Alan Silvestri (Reprise, Nov. 2)
Finding Neverland, by Jan A.P. Kaczmarek (Decca, Nov. 2)
Team America: World Police, by Harry Gregson-Williams (Atlantic, Nov. 2)
The Grudge, by Christopher Young (Varese, Nov. 9)
Birth, by Alexander Desplat (New Line, Nov. 9)
Undertow, by Philip Glass (Orange Mountain, Nov. 9)
Being Julia, by Mychael Danna (Varese, Nov. 16)
National Treasure, by Trevor Rabin (Hollywood, Nov. 16)
The Phantom of the Opera, by Andrew Lloyd Webber (Sony, Nov. 23)

More records about TV series music are to follow:

Alias (2nd Season), by Michael Giacchino and Jeffrey Abrahams (Varese, Nov. 16)
Earthsea, by Jeff Rona (Varese, Nov. 23)