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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

John Frizzell's interview at FILM MUSIC RADIO

Our friends from Film Music Radio, have been set an example of his great works with a very interesting interview to the Honorary President for II Conference on Movie Music "City of Úbeda", the composer and dear friend from this website, John Frizzell.

On this interview, made by Daniel Schweiger, that you can hear pressing on this link the composer talks about one of his latest works, his music composition for the film "The Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio", a film written and directed by Jane Anderson, based on a true story, about how a mother raised ten kids on twenty-five words or less. He also speaks about his work for the new upcoming horror movie, "The Woods".

In the new promotional reviews for upcomings works section from our website, there's a review of this two works in english, and also a review of "Mrs. Harris", another one of his latest works. If you want to read this, just press on this link