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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Bruce Broughton, our next guest

The BSOSprit Society is proud to announce that composer Bruce Broughton will be joining composers David Arnold, John Powell, Javier Navarrete, Pascal Gaigne and John Debney at the Third International Film Music Conference in the City of Úbeda.

Selections from Broughton's repertoire will be featured during the large orchestral concert that takes place at the conference, along with music from some of the other participating composers. One of the most versatile composers working today, Broughton has written for film, television, video games, the concert stage, and even theme-park rides. On the big screen, Broughton has delighted fans with his scores to the westerns Silverado and Tombstone and the Steven Spielberg produced adventures Young Sherlock Holmes and Harry and the Hendersons.