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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Brazil will hold its 1st International Meeting of Music in the Cinema in May

Brazil will hold its 1st International Meeting of Music in the Cinema in May.
"Music in Scene", which takes place in Rio de Janeiro from May 5-13, puts together music and cinema in an important event in Brazil.

Brazil is going to host an unprecedented event in the country, joining two segments that have always and greatly attracted and touched audiences all over the world: music and cinema.
The event, designed by Cinnamon Comunicação and SM Comunicação Full brain, will be highlighting the importance of music in the universe of the cinematographic production. The vast programme comprises symphonic concerts accompanied by video projections, shows and talks by worldwide known composers, writers, teachers and national and international cinema critics. The aim is to bring the culture of the music in the cinema to the general and ordinary public, thus trying to give this issue the importance it deserves in the area of audiovisual and cinematographic productions as a whole.

According to the people involved in its realization, music is a powerful element which highly contributes to the story-telling of a film, creating emotions as well as adding consistent significance to the scenes. Thus, with an all-round programme including talks, workshops and round-table discussions with the most renowned national and international professionals in the area, "Music in Scene" will be prioritizing discussions about the role of music in films, from different perspectives. Creative processes, the history of the original sound track in the cinema, cases and marketing aspects will be dealt with during 4 days at PUC- RJ. The musical programme comprises two concert presentations and two-day shows spread along this 8-day event. The highlight of "Music in Scene" will certainly be the presence of the world-wide known compositor Ennio Morricone who will do the opening ceremony on May5, conducting a concert which will be playing his own music for the cinema, in the Theatro Municipal in Rio de Janeiro. Morricone was awarded a special prize in this year?s Oscar ceremony for his wonderful work which includes unforgettable film themes such as Cinema Paradiso, The Untouchables, The Mission, among others. The concerts will be carried out by The Petrobras Symphonic Orchestra with Julio Medaglia's musical direction , who will also conduct his own concert , "Music in the Brazilian Cinema", especially written for this event by many important Brazilian musicians. This concert's repertoire will be showing famous songs made for the national cinema like Ganga Bruta (Radamés Gnatalli, 1933) and Olga(Marcus Vianna, 2004)

This year's Oscar winner for the best score Babel and last year for Brokeback Mountain (2005), the Argentinian composer Gustavo Santaolalla is another important international guest participating in the event. He will be presenting a show with his tango eletronic band, Bajofondo Tango Club, on May11, in Rio de Janeiro. Among other participants of the musical programme are Lisbeth Scott, the singer in Munich, The Passion of the Christ and others, who will be doing a piano presentation, and the Brazilian musicians Wagner Tiso, Marisa Monte, Arnaldo Antunes, Tony Garrido and André Abujamra.
The "Music in Scene" has Tony Berchmans, author of the book "The Music of the Film- everything you always wanted to know about the Music of the Cinema", as the curator of the event. The project has been designed by Cinnamon Comunicação and SM Comunicação Full Brainand, and, so far, has had the sponsorship of Petrobras and Caixa Economica Federal, and the cultural support of the Secretaria de Cultura do Rio de Janeiro, Telecine, ClearChannel, Revista Bravo, O Globo and Radio Paradiso.The organizers of the meeting are positive that they will be able to have it held yearly from now on.

More info can be found at the event's official site.

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