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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Claudio Simonetti will attend the V International Film Music Festival "City of Ubeda"

It's quite obvious that Claudio Simonetti is just not the type of composer that you've grown accustomed to seeing in previous editions of the Festival.

We did already point out, both in our message board and through our official website, that this year we are trying to offer a wide range of options in order to satisfy all types of film music enthusiasts.

Claudio will certainly bring an entirely new angle to the event. He will talk about his experience with Goblin and, furthermore, he will share with us anecdotes about working with one of the most visionary and relevant European filmmakers: master Dario Argento.

Claudio will surely speak about writing music for horror films, thus offering another take on the genre along with that of his fellow colleague Christopher Young.

For further information about Simonetti, please visit the section devoted to our guests and don?t forget to try these other links also: