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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

GoldSpirit Awards 2007 - First Round

GoldSpiritsOnce again we return with a new edition of the GoldSpirit Awards, which BSOSpirit concedes since the creation of the website in 2001. And we are just at a year that seems more open than ever. In 2007 harvest has not been excellent at the eyes of the fans and no score excels above others to make a sure bet on the winner. Well, that is what you are going to decide.

In this seventh edition there will be some changes over previous years. As you know, and this does not change, the winners will not be known until the gala for GoldSpirit Awards, to be held in July under the IV International Film Music Conference "Ciudad of Úbeda". The secret will be kept by the organizers in order to give emotion to the ceremony and even grant the prizes in hand to those winner who have been invited. Think that while there are already guests announced, your votes can also determine the Conference Organization to try to bring some of the winners.

The vote, open to all visitors to the site, will consist of two stages. In the second stage, the voting public will determine the winner in each category.

To refresh your memory and not forget potential candidates, use our Spirit Guide. All soundtracks listed as released on 2007 are eligible the awards. And even those others not in the guide, provided that they have been released in 2007.

After this first stage, we will announce the nominations and we'll begin the second stage, which will have closed lists of candidates in each category. The second stage of voting will determine the winners, and as said, they will be known in Ubeda.

  • Each participant can only make a single vote. Therefore we ask you that, at the end, please enter your first and last name. The anonimous or pseudonyms votes are not valid.
  • For each category can be three selections maximum. The first count 3 points, the second 2 and the third, only 1 point. It is not allowed to vote at the same candidate twice within the same category. It is not necessary to vote in all categories.
  • Voting finishes on Sunday, March 2nd, of 2008, at 23:59 GMT+1. All votes received after that date will be disregarded.

BSOSpirit reserves itself the right to cancel those votes that do not comply with these bases.

GoldSpirit Awards 2007 are now open!