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Monday, September 03, 2007

Film & TV Music Awards Nominations Now Open

Join the Film & TV Music Academy and Make Your Voice Heard in the Industry's First Peer Awards Program

Nominations are now open for the 2007 Film & TV Music Awards. To nominate people for the awards, visit and join the Film & TV Music Academy if you're not already a member. Members can login to the site and make nominations using the site's custom nomination and voting software systems. Nominations can be made and updated any time until midnight September 20.

Nominations will remain open through September 20, 2007. From October 1-15, members of the Film & TV Music Academy can vote in each category among the top five nominated people for each category during the nominations phase.

"We're thrilled about this new awards program - it's about time that awards were given to the film and television music industry, by the film and television music industry. There are enough other awards programs where the financial success of a show or movie seems to be the primary emphasis - with the Film & TV Music Awards, the focus is exclusively on the quality of the music as judged by one's peers in the industry," said awards founder Mark Northam.

The Film & TV Music Academy is the voting body that has been created for the awards. Membership is available at no cost and is open to anyone working in or studying to work in the film and television music industry worldwide.

To join The Film & TV Music Academy or nominate people for Film & TV Music Awards, visit: