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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

New Book: Composing for Film by Jack Smalley


By Jack Smalley (176 pages)

Top USC film scoring professor Jack Smalley has combined his over forty years of experience arranging, composing and orchestrating for film and teaching into one crystal clear book ? Composing Music for Film.

With his years of experience and his modern, up to date teaching methods he?s consolidated the information he?s given to thousands of students into a one stop shop for getting a head start with the reality of film composition ? in fact, all composition.

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Reading this book is like taking private lessons for a year with Jack Smalley. With over 125 examples, the chapters cover:

  • Section 1: The Elements
  • Section 2: Composing a Theme
  • Section 3: Writing a Cue
  • Section 4: Consonance and Dissonance
  • Section 5: The 20th Century

"Composing Music for Film contains precious information from structure through the mechanics of writing a cue and out the other side where the murky business of dissonance and bi-tonality reside."- Harry Gregson-Williams

"Jack Smalley's book is a dense survey of the techniques of film scoring - enjoyable and informative."- Carter Burwell

Reader Comments:
" is really universal and will help any composer at any level..."
"'s great to finally have a practical book on composition out there..."
"...I'm adapting your ideas on "functional exchanges" for my master's thesis..."
"...I used one of your techniques and was delighted with the result. The piece was a finalist sponsored by the Chamber Orchestra Kremlin and was performed in Moscow, then at Carnegie Hall..."


Jack Smalley studied composition at the Conservatoire de Musique in Paris France with Edmond Marc and Darius Milhaud. Studied Serial Composition with George Tremblay in Los Angeles. He is currently Professor of Film Composition at University of Southern California and member of permanent faculty at the Aspen Summer Music Festival. Jack also headed the Composition Program at the Henry Mancini Institute.

Jack Smalley has served as orchestrator on films including The Assassination of Richard Nixon, The Mothman Prophecies, Last of the Mohicans, Curley Sue, The Gladiator, The Peacemaker, Red Dawn, Conan the Barbarian, Steel Magnolias, The Pickup Artist, Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid, Popeye, and Oh God.

His work composing and orchestrating for episodic television includes Charlie's Angels, Murder She Wrote, The Love Boat, Law and Harry McGraw, Streets of San Francisco, Knight Rider, Twilight Zone, and the animated series Captain Planet, Tom and Jerry Kids, Where in the World is Carmen Santiago, and The Wizard of Oz.

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