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Saturday, October 06, 2007

MUSE411 Music Industry Online Directory Announced

Global Media Development Group has announced the release of MUSE411, a new online directory where people working in the music industry can create and update their contact information, music demo link, bio/credits, and much more. Basic listings are available at no cost to anyone in the music industry worldwide at

The MUSE411 directory provides contact and descriptive information customized for the music industry including complete name, address, phone and email information as well as bio/credits, instruments played, keywords, musical styles, professional affiliations, photo, and music demo recording link capabilities.

A special feature of the site is the US zip code locator, making it easy to find industry pros based on proximity to a US zip code.

In addition to musicians, composers and songwriters, the MUSE411 directory invites listings from managers, agents, music technology and software companies, educators and music teachers, orchestras, music supervisors, music editors and much more.

"We're excited to provide this much-needed resource for the music industry," said Global Media Development Group CEO Mark Northam. "We created MUSE411 based on input from contractors, agents and others who need to be able to quickly locate people in the industry. For too long, directories have been localized, hard to find, quick to become outdated, and have required expensive memberships in order to be listed. With MUSE411, free listings are available to everyone in the industry to create and update, and no special membership or affiliation is required to become part of this custom music industry directory."

For more information or to create a listing, visit

Source: Film Music News