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Wednesday, October 10, 2007 Online Music Review Service Launched

New online service allows composers, songwriters and musicians worldwide to get their music heard and reviewed by industry professionals.

Global Media Development Group announces the launch of ( a new online service where composers, songwriters, musicians and others can have their music professionally critiqued by professional industry reviewers.

The new service allows people who write or perform music to select a reviewer and submit recordings of music for professional critique and review. The site features professional reviewers including film and television music agents, veteran industry composers, songwriters, orchestrators, instrumentalists, vocalists and more who provide professional reviews and constructive critiques of submitted music.

"In the music industry, one of the most important things a musician can have is perspective from a seasoned professional about how that musician?s writing or playing is progressing," said founder Mark Northam. "Now composers, songwriters, musicians and vocalists from across the world can get a valuable perspective and critique on their music directly from industry professionals." reviewers can provide reviews of the writing or performance of submitted music. Writing reviews are designed for composers, songwriters and others who write music, while reviews of music performances are appropriate for musicians and vocalists who can gain perspective on their performance abilities through the service.

"In many ways, is like a one-shot music lesson delivered worldwide over the Internet by an industry professional. In addition to giving advice on writing music, our reviewers can provide valuable perspective on music performances of everything from classical music to jazz and popular music," said Northam.

The new service welcomes industry educators, performers, and other professionals to join the service as new reviewers in addition to the initial group of reviewers. New reviewers provide references which are used to establish the reviewer's credentials in the music industry, and each reviewer sets their own review fee and turnaround time for text or audio reviews which are delivered by email.

For additional information on including reviewer information, rates and more, visit or contact Global Media Development Group at 800-774-3700 ext 702.

Source: Film Music News