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Monday, December 12, 2005

John Powell goes mutant

There are still 6 months left before the release of the new X-Men movie, with "X3: The Last Stand" as working title, and, apart of the first teaser trailer available in Apple website,
X3: The Last Stand

last rumours say that composer John Powell will be now the one scoring this movie, instead of Lalo Schifrin, who was the one credited according to previous gossips.

John Wolverine Powell=So, the fans lose again a new collaboration between the Argentinian composer and director Brett Ratner, who, as you may remember, also discarded Schifrin for the scoring of "Red Dragon", in favor of Danny Elfman.

Let us see then what happens, if no new replacement is announced, with Powell's score. Will it enlarge the rich musical universe of the saga? Will it be at the level of the previous soundtracks, scored by late Michael Kamen and John Ottman, in this order? Wait and see...