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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

'The Passion of the Gavilans' from John Debney

The new bet for next year 2006 cannot be more deceiving when talking about cinematographic adaptations. Desperate by the low economic benefits obtained in 2005, in Hollywood they plan to stand for "if you cannot overcome them, join to them". Incapable to offer a novel product, the new vein in the Mecca of the Cinema is in famous South American "culebrones". The intriguing plot, the wide cast of starring characters and the torrid scenes that can appear sporadically seem to compensate the null originality of the arguments. The public therefore indicate it.

And the starting shot is the movie adaptation of "Pasion de Gavilanes", under the suggestive title of "The Passion of the Gavilans". A soap opera that devastates throughout the world and that has surprised the heart of many spectators. And, as it could not less be, they have not been repaired in expenses at the time of having the most suitable actors for the occasion. "The Passion of the Gavilans" will be starred in the silver screen version by the famous sextet starring "Friends". Is this not brilliant?

The producers thus hope to recover the American ticket office, fusing in a perfect one the sensual and suggestive intrigues of the South American soap opera with the comic "feeling" generated by the stars of the successful television series, which are excited of being able to return to work together, after its conclusion.

In rigorous exclusive and novelty, we offer to you in addition the name of the composer assigned for so amazing project, John Debney. In its own words, "I only had to show them my work for 'The Passion (of the Christ)' so that they were convinced that I was their man, and that I would know perfectly to catch the plot of the history. For me, this one is a really apassioning project, of course."

Not still confirmed sources assure that the singer Madonna could participate in the project, with a new and updated revision of his famous song "Who?s that girl", now retitled "Who?s that man", obviously. Remain alert for coming news.

INNOCENT!!! Of course, it was only a joke (as you may know, in Spain, December 28th is "The Innocent Day", in the same way as the "April's Fool"). Merry Christmas!!