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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

A rendez-vous with Polish composers will mark the next Ghent Festival

Polish composer Zbigniew Preisner will be the guest of honor in the next edition of the International Flemish Cinema Festival which makes Ghent the world's capital city of film music, year by year. Festival organizers have already announced that there will be a special concert on October the 20th to rend honor to Polish composers.

The work of Preisner will be revisited through this concert, together with the music of Jan A.P. Kaczmarek and Wojciech Kilar, who have also been invited to attend the meeting.

The Festival's concert will be played at the Flemish Opera of Ghent, where Dirk Brossé and Krzysztof Herdziny will conduct the National Orchestra of Belgium. The first part of the program will include a suite with film images, and the second part will tribute Preisner's music.

Devils and dust for Christopher Young

Film composer Christopher Young has been chosen to write a score for The Exorcism of Emily Rose, a horror film directed by Scott Derrickson, starring Laura Linney, Scott Campbell and Tom Wilkinson.Linney plays the role of a lawyer who watches over an accused priest (Wilkinson), after having practised an exorcism which killed a young girl.

In addition, Music from the Movies has just published that Young will substitute James Horner in Ask the Dust, a romantic drama directed by Robert Towne, starring Salma Hayek and Colin Farrell.

Young has, in fact, some more titles in this year's pipeline: Beauty Shop is a comedy which has recently been showed in theaters in the States, starring Queen Latifah. There is also An Unfinished Life, a drama directed by Lasse Halström (they worked together before in Shipping News), to open soon.

Hisaishi will put music to Korean supermovie of the year

Japanese composer Joe Hisaishi is to write a score for Welcome to Dongmakgol, a Korean superproduction about one of the most famous episodes during the war that took place in that country half a century ago. It all happened in the village of Dongmakgol, where the three different armies involved in that war once met together.

The film will include extraordinary special effects and will open on August in South Korea. It's said to be one of the most commercial hits of the year. The acting crew will feature Sin Ha-gyoon (Save the Green Planet! and Simpathy for Mr. Vengeance), Jeong Yae Yeong (Silmido) and Kang Hye Jeong (the girl of Oldboy). The film has been shot by a director very trained in the world of adds and publicity, Park Gwang-hyeon, who wanted Hisaishi to be involved in his work from the beginning.

Sunday, April 17, 2005

Branagh and Doyle, together again

Kenneth Branagh announced recently he's going to direct a new movie based in a Shakespeare's work, As You Like It, to release next year. Patrick Doyle is obviously the composer.

In the cast, we have Kevin Kline, Bryce Dallas Howard (Ivy in The Village) and Brian Blessed.

Doyle has its most proliphic period in its career, having completed Régis Wargnier's Man to Man, and this year he has projects like Nanny McPhee, Wah Wah, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and, probably, Jeckyll+Hyde.

Friday, April 01, 2005

I International Conference on Movie Music "Ciudad de Ubeda"

First Call for Participation
I International Conference on Movie Music
"Ciudad de Úbeda"
Ubeda, Spain - 22-24 July, 2005

===============================================, your reference website about soundtracks and movie music is pleased to world wide announce the coming celebration of the I International Conference on Movie Music "Ciudad de Ubeda", that will be held in the city of Ubeda (Spain) from 22 to 24, July, 2005.

An unavoidable meeting point for those professionals and fans all around the world. Notory authors as Angel Illarramendi and Brian Tyler have confirmated their attendant to the conference. What are you waiting to take part too?

Stay tuned to next updates, to be regularly published in the official website,

See you very soon!