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Thursday, October 16, 2008

New release: When Nietzsche Wept, Sharon Farber

MovieScore Media presents When Nietzsche Wept, score composed by Sharon Farber.

The soundtrack label says: "Some scores are worth fighting for - for more than a year we have been working on acquiring the rights to release this immensely beautiful orchestral score by the hugely talented Sharon Farber. Based on the novel by Irvin D. Yalom, scoring When Nietzsche Wept was a dream project for the composer, who had read the book as a teenager and immeditaley fell in love with it."

Starring Armand Assante as famous philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche, the film features a score that is filled of strong themes (often presented on piano or solo woodwinds) and rich orchestrations. Although restrained emotional writing forms the backbone of the score, it also features several elegant scherzos as well as darker action-orientated material. Performed with great sensitivity by The Bulgarian Symphony Orchestra, it is a work where a striking gift for melody is married with beautiful orchestrations in a classical style. You don't hear many American film scores these days with the thematic richness and evocative instrumentation that characterizes When Nietzsche Wept.

The album ends beautifully with Sharon Farber's arrangement of Nietzsche's song 'Hymnus an das leben' featuring soprano Ayana Haviv and the composer on piano.

CD Edition limited to 500 copies.

Sound clips and more info:

Limited CD edition (500 copies) distributed by Screen Archives Entertainment:
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